Multi Sticker Pack


A pack of 6 to 10 unique stickers.

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Stickers are fun! I just can’t stop making them!
That’s why I offer you the BE NICE multi sticker pack.

I always have a bunch of them laying around and each pack contains 6 to 10 stickers.
Check my instagram @shellacdesignstudio to see which stickers have been already sent out and expect similar ones in your pack.
Some are printed, some are painted, some are drawn… let the pack surprise you, every pack is unique!

Oh, and because I’m nice, if you follow me on instagram you can get free shipping on your next pack.
How? Well, by sending me a cool picture of where you stuck the sticker together with your order nr.
I’ll hit you back with a coupon code, et voila: free shipping on your next pack!



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