Street art has become mainstream. Everybody knows who Banksy is, plenty of cities have graffiti murals and various forms have entered the commercial space.

Yet, when people see stickers on electricity boxes or light poles, many consider it to be vandalism. But when you take some time to really look at all those stickers you realize that they are very diverse. Some are funny, some are offensive, some are a logo, some are just text, some are professionally printed on vinyl, some are hand drawn on paper, some are by individuals, some are by small businesses,… When you think about it, sticker art really is the most democratic type of street art. All you need is a pen and paper. Stickers are small, harmless types of street art.

With Harmless Sticker Works, I try to draw some attention to sticker art so people can get to know it a bit better and hopefully learn to appreciate it. To do this, I put up one sticker project each year.
In 2021 I organized an international sticker expo in Antwerp, in 2022 I put together an international sticker almanac… who knows what 2023 will bring!

Check out the instagram @harmlessstickerworks for more up to date info!

2022 – The Almanac

In 2022 I have collected as many signature stickers from artists worldwide, to put together an overview of what is out there. The result is the 2022-2023 almanac:


2021 – The Expo

During September 2021, the HARMLESS sticker expo at MEKANIK Strip in Antwerp (Belgium) will display:

  • A large selection of stickers sent by various international artists.
  • Four feature artists. Each artist has decorated a 50x50cm panel
  • A free-for-all space for visitors to trade or put up stickers