The mission of ‘BE NICE’ is very straightforward: making the world a more friendly place to live.

We’re so caught up in the corporate rat race, which only focusses on making money, that we’ve lost track of what really makes life worth living. And it is not consumerism, being selfish, a big ego or mass marketing events. It’s the simple interactions with other people: a smile, a greeting or a simple ‘thank you’.

The system makes us rude to each other just to get ahead. Fuck that!

To spread the message the shop offers a variety of ‘BE NICE’-items that you can purchase. I refuse to maximize profit, so you’ll notice that prices are relatively low. And to show that I am serious about the message being more important than the money, there is even a free sticker pack for those who can’t spare a few euro’s.

So get out there, fuck the system and be nice!