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    A silly comic about hamburgers

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    RELEASE DATE: 14-09-2020

    The Exposé book is an art & poetry book in Dutch containing:

    – 13 sets of 3 colored screen prints by Gerrit De Bremme

    – 13 poems in Dutch by akim a. j. willems


    This limited edition book (50 copies) is published by Shellac Design.

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    FREDDY vol 4

    The 4th Freddy album.

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    FREDDY vol 5

    The 5th Freddy album.

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    FREDDY vol 6

    The 6th Freddy album.

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    Free ‘Be Nice’ activist pack

    Because the message is more important than the money, we are putting these out there for free.

    If you want to get featured on our Instagram, slap them around your neighborhood, take a picture and send it to us! (don’t get yourself into trouble, slap responsibly)

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    A sledge-hammer story with a soft spot

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    Multi Sticker Pack

    Stickers are fun! We just can’t stop making them!
    That’s why we offer you this multi sticker pack.

    We always have a bunch of them laying around and each pack contains at least 6 stickers. We randomly pick 6 designs that we have in stock and send them to you. If there are any designs that you already have or simply don’t …