While Banksy and Shepard Fairey have almost become household names, people are still a bit weird about street art. Everybody seems OK with it when they see it in auctions at Sotheby’s or in a gallery in Dubai. But when it manifests itself in the form of a stickerbombed electricity box…

However, once you take a closer look, you’ll see they are pretty HARMLESS. Whether it’s just a personal artistic expression or a political statement, stickers might be the most peaceful way of protest.

Harmless Sticker Works wants to promote sticker art as a worldwide phenomenon.

Check out the instagram @harmlessstickerworks for more up to date info!

2022 – The Almanac

In 2022 I’m collecting as many signature stickers from artists worldwide, to put together an overview of what is out there. The ultimate goal is to get the almanac printed through crowdfunding, but whatever happens, a digital reference of all received stickers will be created.

2021 – The Expo

During September 2021, the HARMLESS sticker expo at MEKANIK Strip in Antwerp (Belgium) will display:

  • A large selection of stickers sent by various international artists.
  • Four feature artists. Each artist has decorated a 50x50cm panel
  • A free-for-all space for visitors to trade or put up stickers