What is Project Real?

Project Real is a portfolio project with drawings of women (18+) in lingerie/bikini or tasteful nudes, based on pictures. It is an art project that will result in a limited edition book/portfolio which will have at least 50 drawings and will be published somewhere late 2017.

This has nothing to do with pornography, it is art so please refrain from reacting if not serious, easily offended  or prude.

How did Project Real come to exist?

Actually I have been working on a graphic novel based on the life of Kurt Cobain since September 2015 (see other project). I hope to finalise the drawings by the end of 2016 and published by mid 2017. But, as you might have guessed, that is quite a heavy subject. So throughout my work on the graphic novel, I started doing sketches of the female form based on model pictures. After a while the idea grew to bundle those sketches in a portfolio/book that will be published as a limited edition small press publication. The only problem is: I won’t be able to use them because the pictures I used as inspiration are copyrighted.

That’s why, mid 2015, I started over with anonymous selfies I find on the internet. That’s cool, but also a bit sterile. This is where you come in. Next to the anonymous selfies I find online, I’m looking for people to submit pictures I can draw. Real people. This is why the book will be called ‘Real’.

How can you participate?

First of all, you don’t have to be a professional model to participate. The project is called ‘Real’ for a reason. It is about real women. It is about being confident and beautiful even if you don’t fit the supermodel look pushed on us by the fashion industry.

There are two ways you can participate:

1. Directly.
In this case, you have nice pictures of yourself or selfies that you own the copyright to. They clearly show the female form (eg cut-offs and top, face and bare shoulders, lingerie/bikini, tasteful nude, …) If you like the sketches below and you would like to get the picture you have drawn by me, please fill out the participation form. That way I can check your picture for originality, brightness/contrast/shadow,… and give feedback.
What is in it for you? Well sadly enough not money. What you will get, is a digital copy through email so you can share it online or make a print for yourself. Also, if the book gets made you be put on the mailing list so you can pre-order a signed copy if you want.

If you like the idea but still have some questions before you participate, don’t hesitate to contact me (

2. Indirectly.
In this case, you know somebody that might be interested or is an amateur model. Let them know about the project and forward them the link to this page. Your help is highly appreciated. Have the person mention your email when they contact me and you will also get the chance to pre-order the book when it is printed.